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3 treatments over 3 month period resulted in a very successful outcome. I had had one large verruca for a number of years, and a further cluster formed over the past 18 months. About a month after the last treatment I noticed the largest verruca shrinking, and over the next month or so, they all disappeared. For me, an excellent treatment, and so useful to be able to drive immediately after each session. Thank you Philip, I will certainly be recommending Swift treatment.


"I took my 11 year old daughter to see Philip at this Clinic after she contacted a number of verrucas at a swimming pool. I tried all the "off the shelf" treatments and nothing worked. We visited The Verruca Clinic and met Philip who suggested the Swift Treatment. The treatment covered three visits over a period of 3 months, but it worked so well in the end that we only needed two. It worked an absolute treat. My daughter was thrilled to have them gone. The whole experience was flawless, very professional and I would highly recommend this Clinic to anyone . Thank you so much Philip."

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