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If you have an Questions about The Verruca Clinic NI or unsure if you are eligible for treatment, get in contact and have a chat with one of our podiatrists. We are here to help.

  • Does Swift treatment hurt?
    Some minor discomfort may be experienced which can be expected when treating skin lesions. Pain levels will v ary from patient to patient but most people who have used swift will compare the pain similar to an injection or a sharp scratch that will usually last a couple of seconds then quickly subside.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    This will depend on how you respond to treatment. It usually takes 3 treatments, which may be from 14 days to a month apart. You will discuss this with your podiatrist at your consultation.
  • Can anyone receive this treatment?
    With a few exceptions, most people with skin lesions are able to receive this treatment. A thorough examination and medical history will take place prior treatment then your podiatrist will discuss with you if you are eligable for treatment.
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